Friday, 23 June 2017

Judge Scott (1)

The Hum of the Lawmaster engine is comforting it has probably been engineered to be so. Having checked on the Law Master computer there are 26 Baboon Shuggee Emporium 17 are in this sector while the other 9 are in neighbouring sectors. Of the closest 17, 12 are in the east side and thus in your patrol area. Not including 3 that have recently shut. Each reason for shutting was different. And just a computer search gives no further clues.

So you set driving covering the miles. The traffic  is light and while it is light rain it is causing no traffic problems. You notice a few cars change lanes and turn in different directions as you appear in their rear view mirror. This was to be expected and just shows that at least they are looking behind them. Many drivers do this. Perhaps they have something to hide and perhaps they are fearful that while they have nothing to worry about perhaps they are breaking some law without knowing. No Matter there are plenty breaking the law and the law WILL catch them.

There are several messages sent via the computer, but none are close or pertinent to your investigation.

Pulling up at the block the shuggee hall is a short way inside. As you approach the gathered crowd go quiet and start shuffling their feet. It is unsurprising that many carry shuggee cues. And many of those cues have small towels that act as pennants perhaps for a club or a gang or a block. Apes and Humans mingle freely together. And while there is a gathering they do not look all that dangerous. And they start to disperse as you approach. But there are still in excess of twenty by the time you get to within 10 feet.

The Radio Crackles to life.
ITEM: Theft of a construction Robot. 2 dead and multiple injuries. Meat wagon on their way. Location level 65 the Lisa Raynes Had block. And Med Judge Clooney to assist. Details of the Construction robot have yet to reach the sector house it seems to be a MK XXVII Plasticrete laying droid.

If only you had paid more attention to the various makes and models of Robot at the academy. But going by the number it is large but not one of te very largest robots used in construction.

 You know instinctively it is close by perhaps by the sounds of destruction that can just be heard as the crown begin to flee. The sounds of crumbling synthcrete grow louder and your street sense tells you it is somehow coming this way.

You have several options what will you choose to do?

Judge Nash (I)

There is a slight breeze and some drizzle in the wind, but nothing for a trained lawmaster rider to worry about. Traffic is light and there are no hold ups as you leave the expressway. The computer has pointed out the closest and latest of the blank figure scrawl locations. None of he are so obvious that they want the world to see them by location alone. They are all discreet and while not hidden in the less well light and known areas.  But in a citi this big and with this many people someone knows where they are and what they mean.

As you approach the first location there is a robot already trying to clean it of. the Robot "Call me Cedric" has a pipe and a tank of liquid which smells toxic but you know straight away that it is not.. Just the normal scrawl cleaning detergent that some blocks use. You do notice something strange about the robot but nothing you can pin down. Maybe you think paying more attention in tech classes might be the answer next time. You file the anomaly away to check later. The robot is after all doing a good job of cleaning and it appears not to be breaking any laws. Checking the name and ID tags this robot has not been stolen or reported stolen so with little else to detain it you allow it to carry on with its cleaning. But file the anomaly in your mind ready to check later when time permits.

The figure itself is a cowled human sized Image. But is now half missing due to the cleaning. While it may or may not be significant it is being dealt with in a most timely fashion. It seems to be painted in some form or black tar or bitumen. But as they are banned substances and would not come off so easily as the cleaning droid is proving they are clearly not those things.

Although in no way an art critic it does seem to be well drawn and coloured in.

There are no citizens about at this time and the robot does not appear to breaking any laws. the area does have some litter which "Cedric" is ignoring but then as a simply programed droid tasked with Grafitio removal you know it will also clean the whole area when the scrawl is removed.

The alarm goes of on the lawmaster computer.

+ITEM. Car Jacking in progress. 2 minutes estimated travel distance from your current location. 3 perps with Spit Guns are trying to enter a MoPad. on the Calatrava Expressway. No More details Spy in the sky on route eta 5 minutes.

The question is what next?

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Day one Start

Morning briefing
Time 06:02
Officer in Charge Judge Burnett
Sector Hose 271

Although early you are not at all tired. Mostly because this is your first full day as a judge and adrenaline has kept you up a good part of the night with anticipation.

Judge Burnett is an older judge and bears a few wounds and scars. Now only with one arm and one leg he is destined for the long walk in a few years but for now the prosthetics keep him from being a street judge, but Judge he still is and in charge of the Sector house. Despite being a big man with many years of service his voice is soft and calm if a tiny bit high pitched.

As he stand in front of the Vid screen images flash behind him. All the Data will be on Barney and the Law master computer so checking later is always an option. but even so you try to stay attentive.

..." due to the Cakeathon endurance cake baking and eating competition expect a rather large presence around the Nerys Hughes Plaza. Judge Lacey and Judge Cagney have been assigned while trouble is not expected please be ready to come to their aid if a fat stampede results.

ITEM There are 402 reported Robot thefts Sector wide and 1102 vehicle thefts of which 2 robots and 6 vehicles have been recovered. So sector wide the numbers are falling. Let them fall some more if you can.

ITEM. Wally Squad officers have requested the area between Alginon Crimp and Martha Stewart Blocks be un visited by Judges between 1 and 2 o clock this afternoon As they have something on. So travel through this area needs to be minimised.

ITEM Mutants fro the Cursed earth have found a way into the northern section of the sector. The wall is secure so a tunnel is expected. Tech Judges are dealing with the issue. However be aware of mutants from the Cursed Earth are at present on the increase sector wide and noyt just in the north of the sector.

ITEM. Residents of the Duncan Goodhew block are complaining of continued aggression from neighbourhood blocks. As Duncan Goodhew block is primary an aquatic block for aliens as well as native marine life entry into the block without long lasting respirators and swimming equipment is not advised.

ITEM. Baboon Shuggee Emporium has had a number of attacks and disruptions in the previous shift and you are advised that any large groups of Apes near such a hall may be vigilantes looking to protect their businesses. Vigilantism is not to be tolerated. But neither is attacks any businesses. Just be aware of the growing tension.

ITEM Weather control. The weather control satellites are still not fixed and while it is forecast for light rain until 11.00 hours it is possible to be light snow instead. Driving must be done with caution by all Judges and Civilians.

ITEM. Previous shift has noticed a growing level of scrawl in several areas. With silhouette humans painted black also featuring.

ITEM. A Growing fad among Bat Burglars is the theft of relays and antennas from the tops of buildings. The reason for the Craze is as yet unknown. So be on the lookout for bat burgars with ariels as much as possible.

ITEM. The Counterfeiting of old Comic books has been brought to an end with the raid on Spuggon Printing. Judges are advised that while old counterfeit comics are still in circulation these comics should be destroyed as soon as they are encountered,

ITEM. Following the block war between the Tim Hutton Block and Paul Morley Block which erupted 2 days ago over parking spaces. Tensions are still at an all time high. Should a block war result Judges are standing by but you may be asked to assist.

.... The list goes on with more items added and updated sometimes on a minute by minute basis. But the vid finally ends and assignments are given out. You are ordered to patrol the eastern edge of the sector . The petrol is to last for 6 hours before you return to the sector house.

As you sit astride the Lawmaster thinking of the day ahead looking into the drizzle you are reminded that while crime never sleeps no one according to your academy instructor starts a riot in the rain. The Road ahead is slick but reasonably clear. You have heard about the so called quiet before the storm but have never experienced it.

But for now the choice is yours what will you do and where will you go?

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Judge me Not!

I am going to start roleplaying in Megacity One. Two players have at present been invited. There may be room for more in the future it will depend on what transpires and IF I an carry this off with a degree of success. So it may thrive, but equally it may not survive.

I will be using both common sense and the Old Games Workshop Judge Dredd role playing game. It will be roleplaying and not tabletop.

Each Judge will be a Judge fresh from the Acadamy. The Puppy walking phase of their training is over and this is the first time they have been a full judge ON THIER OWN in the Citi. This does not mean they cannot call for assistance or that help  will not be forthcoming. What it means is they will be starting characters.
As such they will have starting characteristics.

The Characteristics are:

Strength               31/100
Initiative              31/100
Combat skill        31/100
Drive skill            31/100
Technical Skill    31/100
Medical skill        31/100
Street Skill           31/100
Psi Skill               31/100

All the skills start at 31/100. Players may add to their starting skills by slighting another. NO SKILL MAY BE LOWER than 22. (No matter what) any lower and they would not have passed the final exam and would be ejected from the Academy.
Psi Skill is a special skill IF a player selects a score of 40 they may (if they choose) become a Psi Judge.

HOWEVER (and this is important) They MUST have reduced twice the number of skills to raise their Psi Skill. Thus to raise it to the desired score of 40 it will mean other skills NEED to be reduced by a total of 18 points! While this is not hard it does mean they will be weaker in other skills.

It is also worth Noting that While MOST vehicles will have a computer and a reasonable driving skill this does not allow them to break the law. So if you want to speed for example a drive skill is going to be used and it is unlikely to be the vehicle drive skill, but is more likely to be your drive skill.

Additionally in the original rules Strength was rated 1-4. But now in these it will be rated out of 100. Not only is it useful for things like kicking in doors it is NOW also part of your mental strength. Where as psi skill is a measure of both your Psi resistance and your own psi skill (BUT not PSI strength)

The Changes were made to allow players to create characters and not roll dice. They may be subject to change in the near future.

Starting Equipment:
All  judges start with the following equipment:
Helmet, Radio Microphone, Respirator, Glove, Boots and padded armour, A Utility belt (which holds Birdie Lie Detector, 5 Bleepers, 2 sets of hand cuffs, 1 hand radio (back up radio if helmet does not work), 3 Law giver Magazines, Infra Red Lawgiver sight, Lawgiver Silencer, 3 strum Grenades, Pollution Meter and 1 med kit.

Each Judge also has a Lawmaster (Motorbike) Which has a Cyclops Laser and Bike Cannon. Additionally there is a Scatter gun for use by the judge should he or she need it.

If players feel they need any special equipment beyond that which the Justice Department normally issues they will need to acquire it in game.

Players are now invited to create their characters and pull thier gloves on tightly as we are ready to go.

Each Judge will be independent of the others and will be assigned both their own page on the blog. To which they can write as they wish and publish posts which shall be their turns AND receive the turn results (written by me as the GM). So if you see a page entitled "Judge Williams" you will know it is for Judge Williams ad Not Judge Evans. And NO ONE IS CALLED  Judge Mental as table-top players always wanted to be. (If you ever read this you know who you are!)