Friday, 23 June 2017

Judge Nash (I)

There is a slight breeze and some drizzle in the wind, but nothing for a trained lawmaster rider to worry about. Traffic is light and there are no hold ups as you leave the expressway. The computer has pointed out the closest and latest of the blank figure scrawl locations. None of he are so obvious that they want the world to see them by location alone. They are all discreet and while not hidden in the less well light and known areas.  But in a citi this big and with this many people someone knows where they are and what they mean.

As you approach the first location there is a robot already trying to clean it of. the Robot "Call me Cedric" has a pipe and a tank of liquid which smells toxic but you know straight away that it is not.. Just the normal scrawl cleaning detergent that some blocks use. You do notice something strange about the robot but nothing you can pin down. Maybe you think paying more attention in tech classes might be the answer next time. You file the anomaly away to check later. The robot is after all doing a good job of cleaning and it appears not to be breaking any laws. Checking the name and ID tags this robot has not been stolen or reported stolen so with little else to detain it you allow it to carry on with its cleaning. But file the anomaly in your mind ready to check later when time permits.

The figure itself is a cowled human sized Image. But is now half missing due to the cleaning. While it may or may not be significant it is being dealt with in a most timely fashion. It seems to be painted in some form or black tar or bitumen. But as they are banned substances and would not come off so easily as the cleaning droid is proving they are clearly not those things.

Although in no way an art critic it does seem to be well drawn and coloured in.

There are no citizens about at this time and the robot does not appear to breaking any laws. the area does have some litter which "Cedric" is ignoring but then as a simply programed droid tasked with Grafitio removal you know it will also clean the whole area when the scrawl is removed.

The alarm goes of on the lawmaster computer.

+ITEM. Car Jacking in progress. 2 minutes estimated travel distance from your current location. 3 perps with Spit Guns are trying to enter a MoPad. on the Calatrava Expressway. No More details Spy in the sky on route eta 5 minutes.

The question is what next?

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