Friday, 23 June 2017

Judge Scott (1)

The Hum of the Lawmaster engine is comforting it has probably been engineered to be so. Having checked on the Law Master computer there are 26 Baboon Shuggee Emporium 17 are in this sector while the other 9 are in neighbouring sectors. Of the closest 17, 12 are in the east side and thus in your patrol area. Not including 3 that have recently shut. Each reason for shutting was different. And just a computer search gives no further clues.

So you set driving covering the miles. The traffic  is light and while it is light rain it is causing no traffic problems. You notice a few cars change lanes and turn in different directions as you appear in their rear view mirror. This was to be expected and just shows that at least they are looking behind them. Many drivers do this. Perhaps they have something to hide and perhaps they are fearful that while they have nothing to worry about perhaps they are breaking some law without knowing. No Matter there are plenty breaking the law and the law WILL catch them.

There are several messages sent via the computer, but none are close or pertinent to your investigation.

Pulling up at the block the shuggee hall is a short way inside. As you approach the gathered crowd go quiet and start shuffling their feet. It is unsurprising that many carry shuggee cues. And many of those cues have small towels that act as pennants perhaps for a club or a gang or a block. Apes and Humans mingle freely together. And while there is a gathering they do not look all that dangerous. And they start to disperse as you approach. But there are still in excess of twenty by the time you get to within 10 feet.

The Radio Crackles to life.
ITEM: Theft of a construction Robot. 2 dead and multiple injuries. Meat wagon on their way. Location level 65 the Lisa Raynes Had block. And Med Judge Clooney to assist. Details of the Construction robot have yet to reach the sector house it seems to be a MK XXVII Plasticrete laying droid.

If only you had paid more attention to the various makes and models of Robot at the academy. But going by the number it is large but not one of te very largest robots used in construction.

 You know instinctively it is close by perhaps by the sounds of destruction that can just be heard as the crown begin to flee. The sounds of crumbling synthcrete grow louder and your street sense tells you it is somehow coming this way.

You have several options what will you choose to do?

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  1. Judge Scott drives his Lawmaster bike towards the sound of the disturbance. As he drives, he patches in to MAC for details on the Mk. XXVII Plasticrete Droid.