Monday, 31 July 2017

Judge Nash (5)

Realising the Stump gun is the biggest threat you focus your attention on the skinny perp with the blue and yellow keckerchief.  You note the look of panic in his eyes as you shout out another warning. "Gentry's get down and stay down!" A look of bewilderment crosses the Perps face. He is probably not that bright as he hesitates just a fraction of a second too long.

You bring the lawgiver up. It is perhaps now you realise the hours on the practice range were not wasted but an investment. The Lawgiver kicks in your hand and a round is squeezed of nice and gently, Just like the instructors said. Despite the practice the first shot goes high giving the perp time to react.
"KABOOM!" The stump gun discharges and the skinny perp is sent flying backwards. He clearly was not strong enough for the recoil or skilled enough or even clever enough to brace the weapon. The Stump gun tumbles end over end in mid air. Everything seems to slow down


A spit gun fires but the round was no where near you. Things are not going as the bad guys anticipated. Quickly you adjust the lawgiver and squeeze of another shot. It really was easier on the practice range. This time you are more lucky and a red fountain erupts from the skinny juves left leg.

It seems to take almost forever but the blue and yellow keckerchief juve slowly tumbles to the floor. For now at least all thoughts are on his leg and the wound and not on you and the stump gun. You manage to push yourself backwards and all to the floor behind a Vid screen. It is perhaps the biggest Vid screen you can fit in a Mopad of this size. While it will not offer much in the way of protection it is large enough to conceal you from the Perp with the Spit gun.

With the biggest threat taken care of Judge Nash spins and squeezes all in one fluid motion. A snap shot without really aiming and it was the kind of shot any Judge would be proud of. Right in the middle of the forehead a small hole is drilled by the lawgiver. Resulting in the Perp with the Spit gun dropping instantly and looking up with blank eyes at the ceiling.

"We surrenda gudge!" Comes an echo from an adjacent room. "Weez gonna khuck der guns out now!" The voice seems young but the law is the law regardless of age.  Thrunk Thrunk 2 small spit guns appear on the floor tossed from another room. "Uz got us fair and square and it aint wof dying for." 4 hands held high like a bad 20th Centrury cowboy film and 2 juve faces appear at the doors clearly trying to surrender.

It is up to you to sentence them, maybe see to the wounded if you feel like it an call in a pat wagon. Then work out  what you are doing next I guess. Let me know your next actions.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Judge Scott (4)

"Cease your Actions and shut down by orders of the megacity Justice Department!" The words ring out and there is a very slight echo which somehow seems to emphasis the timber of the words. The Robot seems to judder and lurch a little but continues to pour the plasticrete into the floor. Those now trapped in the hole and covered in plasticrete continue to wriggle but their motions are less exaggerated than before. In your mind you realise it is because the plasticrete is setting and they are slowly suffocating and beginning to lose movement.

Armoured Peircing rounds already chambered you aim the lawgiver centre of mass. Some of the tech class comes back to you and you recall most robot brains are not in any head, but the centre of the chest.

The gun rocks in your hand as you discharge it and you notice a small dent appear in the robots back. No penetration with the first shot but a solid hit none the less. Firing again the shot goes high and to the right missing altogether. The robot is a big and slow moving target but misses are always a possibility. the third and fourth shot do impact against the target though. One into the right shoulder the fourth the back plate of the chest.

It is as if the robot wakes from slumber and slowly turns towards you. It stops pumping out the Plasticrete as it turns and raises it's left arm. As it twists it's torso to face you, you become aware that it has a nail gun in the left arm which it is slowly bringing to bear. The nail gun fires 6 inch metal spikes with a force capable of pinning any shuttering to the Plasticrete. You need very little medical training to know if it hits your armour will not save you.

The shots from the lawgiver appear to have little effect. But at least from this range the  nail gun is very inaccurate and has very little chance of hitting you, but if it does you will need a Medjudge at the very least.

What will you do now?

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Judge Nash (4)

You notice the smell of the green synthi leather dye as you slide the respirator down until it covers your moth and nose. It feels uncomfortable but it also feels so much better than breathing Stumm Gas. yeah at the academy everyone had to breathe it a little, just so you all knew what the effects would be. The memory brings a crooked smile to your face. It was the day Cadet Templeman washed out. To be honest very few were unhappy by that either. Back to the matter at hand. You flick a Stumm gas grenade out of the pouch and drop it into the vehicle.

Waiting a few second you then look in again. Inside the two females are doubled over coughing and spluttering. One of the perps is in a similar state, one hand over  his mouth and one arm around his belly. As if a hand over the mouth would do much.... it may help a little but not much. The other perp has taken a cloth from somewhere and is trying to use that as an improvised respirator.  While it is not effective it does allow him to wave his spit pistol in your vague direction and bark one shot out. The round impacts about a palms distance from your head and you realise that either he or you were lucky. Time will determine exactly who was lucky.

The disturbance continues in the other "room" and with a thwack the door is slammed shut. You manage to shout out  "judgement time, creeps! Drop your weapons" Which is followed by another bark from a spit pistol. You hear it whisle past about 1 foot from your head. Cleaarly they are not about to comply. So while you hang on to the window of the Mopad you check the law giver is on Executioner rounds and heave yourself inside.

The two women really can't do anything to help or hinder you neither can one of the perps. he other perp clutches his cloth covered mouth and starts to bring the spit pistol to bear on you. It is clear this is no average street juve as he moves very fluidly almost as if he had some training.

The door bursts open and a skinny juve with a stump gun emerges. The yellow and blue of his neckerchief covers his mouth and he shouts something but through the neckerchief you only hear some incoherent noises. What are your actions now?

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Judge Nash (3)

Instantly the reply comes back. "Mopad registered to Ezekiel Gentry, other occupants Miranda Gentry and Izabella Gentry. No out standing warrants on any of the family, although Issabella was recently released from 6 months in an Iso Cube for littering, Arrest made by Judge Killpatrickson. Other two vehicles: First one reported stolen 2 days ago. Owner is Jeffrey Bluebotan. Address is apartment 1223 56 floor Natty Bumploe Block. No outstanding warrants. Lasy Vehicle has un registered plates. Suggest you proceed with caution."

It ticks through your mind that these other cars are at least suspicious and probably used in any number of crimes therefore those inside will most likely not come easily!

Turning your attention to the man on the Mopad roof briefly he does seem to be handing on and while Citizen fashion are not your strongest topic his clothing does look dated and worn, but apart from hanging onto a mopad roof do not look particularly dirty and dishevelled. Funny the thoughts that wander through your mind at times like these.

You pull up closer almost to touching distance and suddenly the mans shoe come off! Luckily you can swerve and avoid it. Unluckily not all the passing traffic is as skilled as you. But the show if now low enough to the ground to go beneath wheels bouncing down the road.

Your focus springs back to the Mopad as the bark of a shot is heard from inside. The tinkle tinkle of platsi glass bouncing on the freeway brings you instantly back to reality and bouncing foot wear is forgotten. A second bark and something wizzes close to your head. So this is what it is like to be shot at. You thought it might have been more impressive, more frightening more filled with danger but the reality is less impressive than the imagination.

Driving into a blind spot where you cannot be targeted you order the Law master onto automatic and prepare to leap onto the speeding Mopad. While not easy you do manage to grab a hiold and heave yourself aboard.

The man on top is screaming but making no sense a high pitch whine that maybe dogs would understand. Finally 1 word becomes clear "ELP!" The rest of the noise is both in audible due to the high pitch and made even worse by the general noise in the background and the passing of the traffic. Moving around you get into a position where you can see he is just clinging on for dear life. There is a sign on the back of his knee pad that reads E Gentry. Maybe he a citizen and not a perp.

Bark bark. Two more shots both badly aimed ring out as you reach the skylight. Clearly aimed at you but also clearly badly aimed. Edging your way around the vehicle you come across a skylight large enough to easily get through. Cautiously you raise your head enough to look inside.

Two perps are armed with spit pistols one is aiming at the other skylight. The second is aiming and what you assume are mother and daughter (2 females one aged about 35-40 the other a juve about 14 years old. ). You can also see some activity in an adjacent room (probably a sleeping apartment) but you cannot hear anything above the traffic noise and the activity is hurried and erratic but remains out of sight.

What is your plan now?

Judge Scott (3)

Dismounting the Lawmaster Judge Scott takes two steps at a time as he bounds up the stairs. All judges being super fit it takes mere seconds to reach the floor where the destruction is taking place.  Lawgiver unholstered and the magazine is set for Armoured piercing.

Judge Scott makes a quick mental note that construction robots are built for durability and not for looks. That being the case a law giver is not the ideal weapon of choice and he is aware that firing blindly at the robot might not penetrate the heavy construction shielding. However hours of practice in the shooting range and the fact that he was in the top 5% of his class with firearms bolster his confidence.

Sliding up to the door he uses the door frame and the return as cover. Far more cover than his uniform and armour would give. The actual door has yet to be fitted which is both advantageous and disadvantageous. Yes there is a lack of extra cover but the compensation is that he can see clearly.

While the robot is facing him it is clearly not paying the slightest bit of attention. Instead it is bust pouring plscrete into a shrinking hole in the floor. Shrinking simply because it is being filled with plastcrete. Several endomorphic figures can also be seen in the hole. But what they are and why they are covered in plastcrete is not immediately obvious. But they seem to be human size and at first glance they appear to be trying to struggle out of the plastcrete.

The right nozzle spreads the plastcrete into the hole there are but seconds to rescue the trapped or deal with the robot. No one else seems to be about. For new construction one thing does stand out scrawled on the floor is a message but at this distance you just cannot see what it says. It is probably some minor vandalism that you can deal with at a later date. For now you have more pressing things on your mind.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Judge Nash (2)

The boot knife slides cleanly from the boot allowing Judge Nash to silently scrape a sample of the substance that  makes up the scrawl from the wall. Is it is not yet completely dry it comes away fairly easily. Still leaving a mark on the wall for Cedric to clean when he gets to that part. It is sticky and gooey and adheres to the knife almost like glue. Wiping the Knife on the inside of an evidence pouch you take a sample. Still some sticks to the knife and it will need to be cleaned at some point. The thought shuffles through your mind.

Stepping forward you discreetly take a bleeper from the utility belt and vaguely recollect some vintage Adam West comment about Utility belts but the thought disappears as quickly as it arrives.  Cedric has plenty of places to attach the bleeper and you quickly and carefully stow it where it will not be noticed.  Surprisingly for a robot Cedric is warm to the touch but already your mind is on the street pirates.

"Control, show me responding to the carjacking on Calatrava expressway, ETA 2 mins, lets show “mo” mercy…. Additional- trace bleeper this location. ‘Spy in the sky’ to report movements for next 24hours.”

"Acknowledged!" comes the reply and you know that all is well and all will  be taken care of. Mac will see to that.

The Calatrava Expressway is a sight to behold. Some engineer with more ambition that sense no doubt. The Expressway is a bridge only supported in the middle which curves in an S shape. The Traffic is light and while there are a few vehicles it is quickly apparent which is the focus of your endeavours.

There seem at first glance to be 3 vehicles involved. The Mo Pad itself and 2 vehicles that either were are carrying the attackers. There is a man on the Modpad's roof. he seems to be clinging on for dear life. One of the other cars seems to be trying to jostle the Mo-pad perhaps in an attempt to knock the man off. The third vehicles is close but seems to have no one on board and merely going on auto pilot. It is possible it is not involved or it might be the transport for the street pirates.

You can see movement inside the Mo Pad but at this distance it is hard to say what is happening. Unless the whole thing ends quickly the man is likely to loose his grip and fall of off the Mo-Pad roof and any altercation inside the Mo-Pad will come to an end.

It will be tricky but not impossible to drive along side and climb aboard...

Judge Scott (2)

Judge Scott drives his Lawmaster bike towards the sound of the disturbance. As he drives, he patches in to MAC for details on the Mk. XXVII Plasticrete Droid.

It takes but a few seconds to run back to the Lawmaster jump into the saddle and head the way of the disturbance.

As you Drive you ask MAC about the Mk 27 Plasticrete bot. The reply is almost instantaneous.

MAC: The Mark 27 or Mark XXVII Plasticrete bot is a construction bot. It has the primary purpose of pouring large amounts of Plasticrete into formed shuttering. The Shuttering is then removed when the Plasticrete is Hardened. There are several Variations at work in your sector at present and  eight thousand and seventy two Citi wide. A popular construction bot which has lead to 19 standard variations and 308 individual variations citi wide. The standard variations are produced at Central Productions Inc Block in Sector 48 and have been produced in numbers since in excess of 10.050 if export s are included. The Chief importer has been "Na Gong Corporation" in Ind citi. Although 603 have also been exported to Oz and a further 17 to Brit Cit and 2 to the Sov bloc (these two to be considered as prototypes which led to the Rasputin Model from the Trokivalov Works unit.) (See separate entry on Sol Bloc Industry Trokivalov Works).
It does not generate the Plascrete itself and relies on a fleet of hover transports to keep it supplied while working. Typically 4 hover loaders of the PBAX6 320 variety per mark 27 while on a working site following a 24 hour shift pattern. The Hover dumpers can be automated to reduce risk to passing citizens or controlled manually should that be your preference. (See Hover Dumper PBAX6 230 Plascrete for more details). A notable drawback is the Hover dumpers will continue to fill the Hopper on the right shoulder if not instructed to stop .generally it is considered a reliable machine for resupply of the Mk XXVII Plasticrete bot. Some versions of the Mk 27 Plascrete bot have two hoppers and require more hover dumpers but these are the exception and not the rule. While two hoppers would normally mean 2 plascrete nozzles having you cuts down on the machines versatility. Some Variant accept this but most do not, sticking to a single nozzle.

Most models but not all variants are able to place and fix shuttering by the use of a Left arm Nail Cannon but they are limited to 12 sheets and 120 nails before supply. !2 sheets will allow an area of 24m2 if used as flooring or about 12m cubed depending on the exact layout and dimension. Resupply of these is very swift and usually results in a pallet of sheets being left by the bot.

The Mark XXVII is very good at climbing and us usually found working at heights of over 100 meters above ground level but has been known to work far higher. Tests carried out with in the design process put a theoretical ceiling or the bot working as high as 20 miles above the earth surface before further altitude tests were deemed appropriate. High level construction bots are being researched for the possible construction of a bean stalk sky elevator. (see Bean Stalk) .

By the time you have rad this much the Lawmaster arrives at the scene. The details go on and on but without an exact conclusion. All very interesting but of little direct relevance.  Maybe next time asking MAC more specific questions might be the answer, unless traveling a long way.

Clearly as you Arrive in the Lisa Raynes Block there are alarms sounding and people running looking Panicked. Level 65 is all in confusion. The shopping Mall currently under construction is 5 stories tall and while the lower three floors look nearly finished the upper floors of the mall are clearly being refitted. Obviously it is a work in progress and the block is just undergoing a refurbishment and not a re-build.

Citizens peer from half closed doors both scared and excited in equal measure. Mostly the doors are firmly shut however. Above the cacophony of alarms and siren's the rumbling of plasticrete being destroyed can be heard.

Suddenly an orange mechanical fist punches through a floor two levels up. There seems no easy access for a Lawmaster it looks like a judge on foot is the only real option. Looking around you notice that their is an bank of elevators (4 in all) to the right, a stairwell sits beside it.

The buzz of hover loaders filling the Mark 27 distracts you for a moment and you contemplate climbing or using the stairs or the elevator. Or maybe you could drive the lawmaster up the stairs or look around for another option.