Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Judge Nash (3)

Instantly the reply comes back. "Mopad registered to Ezekiel Gentry, other occupants Miranda Gentry and Izabella Gentry. No out standing warrants on any of the family, although Issabella was recently released from 6 months in an Iso Cube for littering, Arrest made by Judge Killpatrickson. Other two vehicles: First one reported stolen 2 days ago. Owner is Jeffrey Bluebotan. Address is apartment 1223 56 floor Natty Bumploe Block. No outstanding warrants. Lasy Vehicle has un registered plates. Suggest you proceed with caution."

It ticks through your mind that these other cars are at least suspicious and probably used in any number of crimes therefore those inside will most likely not come easily!

Turning your attention to the man on the Mopad roof briefly he does seem to be handing on and while Citizen fashion are not your strongest topic his clothing does look dated and worn, but apart from hanging onto a mopad roof do not look particularly dirty and dishevelled. Funny the thoughts that wander through your mind at times like these.

You pull up closer almost to touching distance and suddenly the mans shoe come off! Luckily you can swerve and avoid it. Unluckily not all the passing traffic is as skilled as you. But the show if now low enough to the ground to go beneath wheels bouncing down the road.

Your focus springs back to the Mopad as the bark of a shot is heard from inside. The tinkle tinkle of platsi glass bouncing on the freeway brings you instantly back to reality and bouncing foot wear is forgotten. A second bark and something wizzes close to your head. So this is what it is like to be shot at. You thought it might have been more impressive, more frightening more filled with danger but the reality is less impressive than the imagination.

Driving into a blind spot where you cannot be targeted you order the Law master onto automatic and prepare to leap onto the speeding Mopad. While not easy you do manage to grab a hiold and heave yourself aboard.

The man on top is screaming but making no sense a high pitch whine that maybe dogs would understand. Finally 1 word becomes clear "ELP!" The rest of the noise is both in audible due to the high pitch and made even worse by the general noise in the background and the passing of the traffic. Moving around you get into a position where you can see he is just clinging on for dear life. There is a sign on the back of his knee pad that reads E Gentry. Maybe he a citizen and not a perp.

Bark bark. Two more shots both badly aimed ring out as you reach the skylight. Clearly aimed at you but also clearly badly aimed. Edging your way around the vehicle you come across a skylight large enough to easily get through. Cautiously you raise your head enough to look inside.

Two perps are armed with spit pistols one is aiming at the other skylight. The second is aiming and what you assume are mother and daughter (2 females one aged about 35-40 the other a juve about 14 years old. ). You can also see some activity in an adjacent room (probably a sleeping apartment) but you cannot hear anything above the traffic noise and the activity is hurried and erratic but remains out of sight.

What is your plan now?

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  1. Pulling down his respirator, Judge Nash takes a stumm gas round from his belt and breaking the skylight he lobs it into the main compartment. Settings his lawgiver to executioner rounds, he climbs through the skylight and into the moped, in his most authoritative voice he bellows to the perps - "judgement time, creeps! Drop your weapons"