Sunday, 23 July 2017

Judge Nash (4)

You notice the smell of the green synthi leather dye as you slide the respirator down until it covers your moth and nose. It feels uncomfortable but it also feels so much better than breathing Stumm Gas. yeah at the academy everyone had to breathe it a little, just so you all knew what the effects would be. The memory brings a crooked smile to your face. It was the day Cadet Templeman washed out. To be honest very few were unhappy by that either. Back to the matter at hand. You flick a Stumm gas grenade out of the pouch and drop it into the vehicle.

Waiting a few second you then look in again. Inside the two females are doubled over coughing and spluttering. One of the perps is in a similar state, one hand over  his mouth and one arm around his belly. As if a hand over the mouth would do much.... it may help a little but not much. The other perp has taken a cloth from somewhere and is trying to use that as an improvised respirator.  While it is not effective it does allow him to wave his spit pistol in your vague direction and bark one shot out. The round impacts about a palms distance from your head and you realise that either he or you were lucky. Time will determine exactly who was lucky.

The disturbance continues in the other "room" and with a thwack the door is slammed shut. You manage to shout out  "judgement time, creeps! Drop your weapons" Which is followed by another bark from a spit pistol. You hear it whisle past about 1 foot from your head. Cleaarly they are not about to comply. So while you hang on to the window of the Mopad you check the law giver is on Executioner rounds and heave yourself inside.

The two women really can't do anything to help or hinder you neither can one of the perps. he other perp clutches his cloth covered mouth and starts to bring the spit pistol to bear on you. It is clear this is no average street juve as he moves very fluidly almost as if he had some training.

The door bursts open and a skinny juve with a stump gun emerges. The yellow and blue of his neckerchief covers his mouth and he shouts something but through the neckerchief you only hear some incoherent noises. What are your actions now?

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  1. Identifying the perp with the stump gun as the biggest threat, Nash targets him with his lawgiver. "Gentry's get down and stay down!" He bellows as he squeezes the trigger, looking for whatever scant cover is available.