Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Judge Scott (3)

Dismounting the Lawmaster Judge Scott takes two steps at a time as he bounds up the stairs. All judges being super fit it takes mere seconds to reach the floor where the destruction is taking place.  Lawgiver unholstered and the magazine is set for Armoured piercing.

Judge Scott makes a quick mental note that construction robots are built for durability and not for looks. That being the case a law giver is not the ideal weapon of choice and he is aware that firing blindly at the robot might not penetrate the heavy construction shielding. However hours of practice in the shooting range and the fact that he was in the top 5% of his class with firearms bolster his confidence.

Sliding up to the door he uses the door frame and the return as cover. Far more cover than his uniform and armour would give. The actual door has yet to be fitted which is both advantageous and disadvantageous. Yes there is a lack of extra cover but the compensation is that he can see clearly.

While the robot is facing him it is clearly not paying the slightest bit of attention. Instead it is bust pouring plscrete into a shrinking hole in the floor. Shrinking simply because it is being filled with plastcrete. Several endomorphic figures can also be seen in the hole. But what they are and why they are covered in plastcrete is not immediately obvious. But they seem to be human size and at first glance they appear to be trying to struggle out of the plastcrete.

The right nozzle spreads the plastcrete into the hole there are but seconds to rescue the trapped or deal with the robot. No one else seems to be about. For new construction one thing does stand out scrawled on the floor is a message but at this distance you just cannot see what it says. It is probably some minor vandalism that you can deal with at a later date. For now you have more pressing things on your mind.

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  1. Judge Scott shouts authoritatively at the robot, "Cease your actions and shut down by orders of the Mega City One Justice Department!" If the robot does not comply immediately, and Judge Scott doubts very much if it will, he will rapid fire his Armour Piercing rounds at the robot.