Monday, 24 July 2017

Judge Scott (4)

"Cease your Actions and shut down by orders of the megacity Justice Department!" The words ring out and there is a very slight echo which somehow seems to emphasis the timber of the words. The Robot seems to judder and lurch a little but continues to pour the plasticrete into the floor. Those now trapped in the hole and covered in plasticrete continue to wriggle but their motions are less exaggerated than before. In your mind you realise it is because the plasticrete is setting and they are slowly suffocating and beginning to lose movement.

Armoured Peircing rounds already chambered you aim the lawgiver centre of mass. Some of the tech class comes back to you and you recall most robot brains are not in any head, but the centre of the chest.

The gun rocks in your hand as you discharge it and you notice a small dent appear in the robots back. No penetration with the first shot but a solid hit none the less. Firing again the shot goes high and to the right missing altogether. The robot is a big and slow moving target but misses are always a possibility. the third and fourth shot do impact against the target though. One into the right shoulder the fourth the back plate of the chest.

It is as if the robot wakes from slumber and slowly turns towards you. It stops pumping out the Plasticrete as it turns and raises it's left arm. As it twists it's torso to face you, you become aware that it has a nail gun in the left arm which it is slowly bringing to bear. The nail gun fires 6 inch metal spikes with a force capable of pinning any shuttering to the Plasticrete. You need very little medical training to know if it hits your armour will not save you.

The shots from the lawgiver appear to have little effect. But at least from this range the  nail gun is very inaccurate and has very little chance of hitting you, but if it does you will need a Medjudge at the very least.

What will you do now?

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  1. Judge Scott quickly scans the room and notices that the room is very spacious. It seems to be on 2 levels perhaps with a mezzanine floor (which has yet to be put in). He estimates the room to be about half the size of a modern hockey pitch. Or just a bit bigger than a tennis court. There is a hole in the opposite wall and a filling up hole in the floor perhaps to the floor below but either way it is mostly filled with plasticrete now. It is currently under renovation and the walls have been scrawled on typically of a surface that is left unattended. There are no furniture as such. It will all arrive in the fitting out. Lighting is supplied by the borrowed light from the holes in the wall already mentioned and from the rather large window which dominates the wall on the left. It is probably going to be a shop window but for now it just has some plastisheets covering the aperture. Additionally some lighting is supplied by the strip lighting on the ceiling which for the most part lights the room.
    More importantly, he notices there is a palette of panels ready for the shuttering on any additional plasticrete that need to be poured. This shuttering can be used for flooring roofing or walling temporarily while the plasticret sets. The palette is about 2 foot tall by 10 foot by 5 foot. He makes a dash for the cover they provide and crouches down behind them. Once in place he fires his Lawgiver at the nail gun the large robot is holding, hoping to disable it. Remember, he is still firing Armour Piercing rounds.